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8 Photi Pitta Street,

1065 Nicosia – Cyprus


P.O.Box 27046, CY 1641

Nicosia Cyprus


Tel: + 357 22 870050

Fax: +357 22 680088

Email: info@primeconsulting.com.cy




Prime Market Research & Consulting Ltd was established in Cyprus in 2007 by a team of professionals, each with a different academic and work experience background, in order to combine different fields, knowledge and know how. The objective of the company was set from the beginning to achieve effectiveness, efficiency, and accuracy.

Prime Market Research & Consulting Ltd has specialists in both Quantitative and Qualitative Research. The company is ideally positioned to ensure research design that best fits the needs and demands of each particular project. Policy of the company is to keep close relations and communication with each customer at every project and give updates at every point of the research. Suggestions on the design, implementation and method are always welcome by the customer.


The company, with strategic planning and a clear vision of what the customer needs, is always aiming to provide the highest standard of work and professionalism.


By combining different, but still related services Prime Consulting is the one ‘partner’ you will need. The cost for your company will be reduced and the efficiency will reach maximum levels. By working with us you achieve economies of scale and your company will sure benefit.